Gordana was wheeled

Gordana Gehlhausen, the world doesn’t understand you like I do. They wheeled you out of your chance to compete at Bryant Park by critiquing you all season and for what? I still don’t know. 

Let’s look at a few of her creations:

 Her beach challenge, which was in the bottom two. If I’m remembering correctly, this had the amazing back that was macramed, so feminine and yet perfect for a casual beach day.

 The light hit the bubbies kinda funny for this picture, but it’s a gorgeous dress for the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguillera challenge. Sequins were the name of the game, and she used some glitz but tempered it with the soft folds of the chiffon.

Remember the paper dress challenge? Remember her beautiful color wash technique? Was she rewarded for this, of course not. Bottom two.

 And another one of her bottom two looks. WHY? This was the costume challenge, and she created a killer flapper creation with beading to die for. And yet, the judges dissed her for this amazing dress and called her “too safe,” whatever that means.

 And here’s another one that was ignored, but amazing construction with the weaving she did down the center. I would have liked another inch on the hem, but still! GORGEOUS! 

 This look was not one of my favorites, but it won the week of the wedding dress challenge for the divorcee.

 But this grey one I loved, the “amazing necklace” dress, which was stunning and landed in the top 3.

 And her cathedral dress, which got her auf’ed? Stunning! Especially when you discover how much she worked with the fabric to get the rippled “paintbrush strokes” effect. The judges sat there and said it was one of the best in capturing the challenge, and yet? “Auf Wiedersehen.”

If you looked at Gordana’s body of work this season, there’s a lot of grey in her color story. I personally love grey, I think it allows you the freedom to be many different emotions. So why the hell DID Gordana get wheeled out of her chance at Bryant Park? Hopefully because soon she will be there, and it won’t be on the coat tails of PR.

Gordana… we heart you, we admire how far you’ve come in your life, and how much further you will continue to go.

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