Galliano, Galliano, Galliano

I’ve got a crush, and I’ve got it bad.

John Galliano… Gall-i-ahhhh-no. Here he is, channeling his inner Fabio.

 And he’s so beautiful.

 My fashion crush began with the Rachel Zoe episode where Rach and Brad go to Paris. The John Galliano fashion show, remember it? With the snow, and the models emerging from the light tunnel created with laser lights?

 And those wicked shoes?  

 (Which he’s kinda known for).

Ok, here’s my attempt to be studious and informative: He was born in Gibraltar in 1960, his father is Spanish, but he moved to London and is considered a British designer. He’s noted for his avant garde designs which translate into street-saavy pieces to be worn by normal people too. He’s been awarded all kinds of accolades from the industry.

 He’s been criticized for his designs being too antiquated, but I love his mix of history and modernity.

In 1995, he was lead designer at Givenchy. And in ’97, when Dior was bought by LVMH, Bernard Arnault offered Galliano the House of Dior, giving the phrase “Dior’s New Look” an entirely new meaning.

 He considers Charlize Theron as his muse. (But that’s only because he’s never met me).

 History meets absurdity, meets luxury, meets theatricality. Love love love!

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Jay Loves Germs

 Jay, Jay, Jay… you are so weird. And we love you for it.

 Jay’s selling new fabrics at his website, and if you’re particularly handy with a sewing machine (which I aspire to be someday) you might find this rather interesting! Let’s talk costs first… $9.50 a yard is reasonable, but I had trouble finding the fiber content (cotton maybe?).

 “Germania” is McCarroll’s new fabric line, and the classicist in me harkened back to wonder, “Why would Jay do a line of fabrics based on ancient Germany?”

 NO! Silly me, it’s not an antiquated reference to Germany at all. It’s Germ-Mania, as in Jay is loving on germs. Is this the true motivation behind naming his site “The Colony”? Ok, maybe not. But it would seem the hot air balloon inspiration phase of Jay’s career (circa 2006-7) is officially over, the Wonderland theme came next (and is still available as of today!), but this Fall, while the rest of the world is muttering, “Swine flu,” while washing their hands, Jay has embraced his inner amoeba to take a whimsical look at the life of germs.

 Here’s what Jay has to say… “Somewhere in the valley of bed bugs bugging and kooky crawlers crawling lies a place called GERMANIA where facemasks and hand sanitizer are strictly prohibited. Come celebrate an infectious good time care of your hosts the nerggles, the gwarbbles and the gablobs. Who says all germs are bad? Being clean is boring. Get a little dirty with GERMANIA.”

 Love ’em? Or hate ’em?

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Siriano, PR’s Golden Child

I have to give it up to Christian Siriano.

He has thoughtfully cultivated his mere 15 minutes of fame from winning Project Runway in 2008 into a burgeoning career, nearly two years later. What other PR winner can boast of this kind of longevity? Is it too soon to call him a household name? 

I’ve been meaning to take time to talk about PR’s Golden Child for months now, but every time I consider it… he’s already on to the next thing.

His Payless deal we’ve covered, his Victoria’s Secret makeup deal as well. Yes, he showed his Spring 2010 collection for NY’s Fashion Week, while releasing his first book, Fierce Style.

 He’s even landed the highly coveted spot on Oprah to show off his new collection, and the gowns are delicious. Lots of “structure, with movement” from the tiny petals, generous folds and gathered draping of luxurious fabrics that create the ultimate “fantasy” experience, by the designer’s vision.

 This one is striking, featuring a print Siriano describes as his creation born from the inspiration he gained from the Amalfi coast. The skirt billows in waves as she walks, an effect that he thoughtfully created with crinoline.

 But this one is my favorite, and Siriano describes it as using the volcanic inspiration of Pompeii in its design. The structure, silhouette and print? Love love love!

 He’s designed a card for Starbucks and he’s designing a gown for Heidi Klum, according to his Twitter tweets.

And by the time I hit “Publish” for this blog, he will have already inked another deal… yes, he is that damn hot as a commodity for the current consumer market. You go, boy!

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Taylor leaves Rachel Zoe Inc.

News flash! Taylor Jacobson has left (or perhaps was fired?)  from Rachel Zoe Inc. I’m a few days behind on this, and didn’t discover the news until one of my Bravo Hos mentioned it first — shout out to chasingbunnies for her hunting skills.

 Whether she left of her own accord or if Rachel fired her “blessed jewel” is uncertain, and varies in different reports. Jacobson spent all last season discussing her vocational malaise with the cameras rolling, so it’s no surprise to discover she’s flown the Camp Zoe nest, but it does beg the question of exactly who will replace Taylor’s position within the company.

For this dedicated RZP viewer, it has me hoping the show will still be picked up for another season, with or without the platinum bundle of discontent. And what’s next for Tay Tay? I do wish her well, she has wonderful taste and clearly does love fashion, so go out there and use it or lose it, Taylor.

Somehow, I don’t think she’ll be pounding the streets in her Louboutins looking for a job for very long. Her work ethic was incredible, even on the days when her personality was less-than-sunny.

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Gordana was wheeled

Gordana Gehlhausen, the world doesn’t understand you like I do. They wheeled you out of your chance to compete at Bryant Park by critiquing you all season and for what? I still don’t know. 

Let’s look at a few of her creations:

 Her beach challenge, which was in the bottom two. If I’m remembering correctly, this had the amazing back that was macramed, so feminine and yet perfect for a casual beach day.

 The light hit the bubbies kinda funny for this picture, but it’s a gorgeous dress for the Bob Mackie/Christina Aguillera challenge. Sequins were the name of the game, and she used some glitz but tempered it with the soft folds of the chiffon.

Remember the paper dress challenge? Remember her beautiful color wash technique? Was she rewarded for this, of course not. Bottom two.

 And another one of her bottom two looks. WHY? This was the costume challenge, and she created a killer flapper creation with beading to die for. And yet, the judges dissed her for this amazing dress and called her “too safe,” whatever that means.

 And here’s another one that was ignored, but amazing construction with the weaving she did down the center. I would have liked another inch on the hem, but still! GORGEOUS! 

 This look was not one of my favorites, but it won the week of the wedding dress challenge for the divorcee.

 But this grey one I loved, the “amazing necklace” dress, which was stunning and landed in the top 3.

 And her cathedral dress, which got her auf’ed? Stunning! Especially when you discover how much she worked with the fabric to get the rippled “paintbrush strokes” effect. The judges sat there and said it was one of the best in capturing the challenge, and yet? “Auf Wiedersehen.”

If you looked at Gordana’s body of work this season, there’s a lot of grey in her color story. I personally love grey, I think it allows you the freedom to be many different emotions. So why the hell DID Gordana get wheeled out of her chance at Bryant Park? Hopefully because soon she will be there, and it won’t be on the coat tails of PR.

Gordana… we heart you, we admire how far you’ve come in your life, and how much further you will continue to go.

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Chanel and the Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress (or “LBD”) has become a staple within the wardrobes of women worldwide. Yet, few know it was the legendary designer Coco Chanel who championed the LBD movement, and fewer still can agree on Mademoiselle Chanel’s motivation for its creation.

The color black had come in and out of fashion by the turn of the 20th century, although it was still seen primarily as a color of mourning. Chanel was quite aware of this tradition, and two separate stories tie these notions together.

 The first story concerns Paul Poiret, Chanel’s primary rival in Parisian fashion design at the time. Seeing Poiret’s collection featuring riotous colors, Chanel disdained his garish displays and, to set her work apart from her competitor, used black instead. By including superior textiles and relaxed silhouettes, Coco remade the image of the woman who wore the black dress, and in keeping with the Roaring 20s, she continued to challenge fashion’s mores by raising hemlines and removing excess layers to create freer and more revealing looks. By Chanel’s vision, a woman in an LBD was independent, and made her own rules.

 By 1928, Paul Poiret passed Chanel on the street one day, wearing all black, and asked who she was in mourning for. With her usual acerbic wit, Chanel answered, “For you, Monsieur.”

 But, this tale might contain a less obvious underlying sense of truth. In 1919, Boy Capel, whom Chanel called the love of her life, died suddenly in a car accident. The LBD, she has purportedly said, was her tremendous grief spilling over into her other greatest love, her work. “I will make the world mourn for you,” she vowed to her lost love, and proceeded to dress women in black, in perpetuity.

 But, like everything with Coco, there are always more stories. Ever the pragmatic designer, Chanel argued that a simple black dress not only hid stains, but was multi-functional, easily transitioning from daytime wear to evening attire, all by changing one’s accessories.  Add a jacket for daytime, and swap the jacket for long gloves and a luxurious wrap, and a lady could be ready for the opera, all with minimal effort and still creating maximum effect. 

One more tale lingers in the legends of the LBD’s origins… Chanel was raised by nuns before becoming a seamstress in her youth, and some claim Chanel’s motivation for using black as a uniform harkens to her subconscious desire to return to her youth, and the caretakers she once knew.

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