Your own Look Book

The children are being horrible, home from school, so only a moment to write this up but I’ve been doing this lately and it’s a lot of fun, as well as really inspirational.

Create your own Look Book! If you’re a fashion magazine addict like me, you’ll be getting more than enough material to work from, but you can also use catalogs or even print out pictures from the internet (shopping websites, as well as fashion sites like I started making mine with a spare spiral notebook, scissors and a glue stick but you can get much fancier if you’re handy with scrapbooking skills. I tend to scribble notes in the margins too, like, “Check ebay for leopard leggings,” “Need a nude patent heel,” or “More two-tone jewelry!”

Grab whatever catches your eye, whether it’s an ad that makes you stop and look, the perfectly done smokey eye on a celebrity’s red carpet moment to work from for yourself in the bathroom mirror, or an inspiration on how to mix up clothing elements in new ways. My current Look Book help spots are figuring out how to layer a leather jacket to give some “edge” to a look (on me it always seems to look silly but the cut of the jacket matters too, I’ve found). I also love seeing the younger girls who find ways to make trouser socks and peep toe heels look glam together but I can’t seem to get over my post-80’s disgust for socks with heels.

The pictures can help keep track of your inspirations, gain ideas on how to work over your own wardrobe, or identify the key item your closet is missing to create an amazing ensemble of your own. I also make jewelry and find inspiration all the time by looking at what others are wearing and creating. Colors, textures, hairstyles, you name it! If it makes me look at it, I rip the page out and cut it up for my Look Book.

(It kinda makes me feel like I’m back in 3rd grade art class making collages, which is fun as well.)

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