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This is perhaps the most brainless blog entry ever, but if by some chance you love purses and handbags, and you don’t know about this website, then today’s blog is for you.


The Purse Forum, aka “tPF” as it’s abbreviated amongst users as well as ebay listings, is hands down the best forum and resource for handbag devotees, like me. They have many subforums set up for the devotional love you have for your brand of choice (be that a premier brand like Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton, or the more affordable designers such as Coach, Kooba, Ignes and *so* many more).

And the authentication advice at this website is worth more than words can say. I have seen so many people helped out by the expert advice of collectors and professionals, and so many thousands of dollars saved from buying fakes and counterfeits, be that from online sources or from consignment finds.

And as if it weren’t enough to have purses to the end of the day, they’ve got lots of subforums just for fun — the Beauty Bar, the Glass Slipper, Arts and Crafts, the Jewelry Box… more than I can even begin to list, and with tens of thousands of members, you can be sure there is so much material to peruse, you’ll be back daily just to hang out and indulge in your handbag cravings with others who understand and share your compulsion (like… me! Yes, I have been a tPFer since August 2008).

I might be a forum junkie, being a writer and all, but you should also be sure to check out tPF’s sister websites, The Purse Blog  and The Purse Blog Savvy, not to mention the fun to be had over at Bag That Style   where the celebrity bag watching opportunities are full on.

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