Sally Hensen’s Insta-Dri Nail Polish

I thought I’d share my obsession today… talk about super cheap and instant beauty!

 I love this stuff. Typically, I avoid painting my nails for two reasons… one being they take so long to dry that I will smudge my nails before I ever even get to enjoy the new look, and two, they chip so much after multiple hand washings and after showers that I can’t make time to keep them nice. “Busy Mom” cop out, I know, but it’s true (ain’t it girls?)

Here is the closest I’ve come to resolving my own personal nail polish “dilemma”: Sally Hensen’s Insta-Dri nail polish. The name lives up to its promises, a single coat really is dry in 60-90 seconds. And if you’re generous in your application method, you can get away with just doing a single coat at a time.

 I bought a bottle of this nail polish in August, a wicked shade called Mocachino (second from the left), a gorgeous autumn, brownish red, with just a hint of shimmery gold glitter when you look close. The bottle is already almost empty, and I’ve never used a nail polish that quickly before. But I found that it wears well in the short term, and with the fast drying formula, I’m more motivated to keep after the chips as they inevitably appear. I can easily touch up just the tips and the color blends well with the previous coat, making it so easy to keep them tidy.

And I change about 7 diapers a day! That’s a lot of wear and tear on the nails.

I’m motivated to go find more colors now, I’m definitely craving a rich, true red next. And if you find some for yourself, do share!

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