Paper dresses on Project Runway

This week’s material for our designers to work from didn’t come from Mood… it came from the Los Angeles Times. Newspaper!

The feather dress by Christopher really caught my attention in sketches, but his actual “feathers” reminded me of elementary school cut outs. I honestly thought the judges were going to rip him apart when he was called for the Final Six. Instead, they applauded him and dissed one of my favorites of the show… Gordana’s.

I’m a Gordana fan, I’ll go on record with that. But the judges found her boring – a fashion no no. The color work of Altheeha’s dress was so amazing that I almost wanted her to win again. It reminded me of colorwash quilts I’ve seen, and I just loved how it changed as she moved from front view to profile.

But Irina’s winning trenchcoat was amazing, and when you consider how many ’40s inspired looks we’re seeing right now and balance that with the fact that this season was shot a year ago? Fashion forward indeed!

Shirin must be more annoying than you or I can ever imagine with her nonstop babbledy twitter. I really wondered who would come up with paper mache for their newspaper, but that’s the crafty Mommy in me coming through.

Is it wrong that I’m glad Johnny got auf’ed? I loved his original origami look, I didn’t understand Tim’s critique in the workroom because I really liked it so much that I winced watching him wad it up and toss it in the trash can. So… why exactly did Johnny lie to the world that it was ruined by a steaming iron? Did he forget cameras were pointed at him every minute, capturing not only his temper tantrum of throwing the dress away, as well as his time spent on crossword puzzles? And, did your eyes pop like mine at Tim’s outburst at the end about Johnny’s statements?

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas… I hope you go home next week. Your punk silly frock wasn’t enough to balance out the smack you talk.

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  1. Noooooo! Nicolas needs to win it all!! He’s talented! He’s amazing! He’s…..okay, my pick in the pool. I think he should stay long enough to get a Tresemme hair salon makeover. That’d make me happy.

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