‘Pin thin’ press on RZP2

I wish I could sit down to a cuppa with Rachel to discuss photo journalism. Bad press is an opportunity; this is the episode’s ‘like it or not’ metamessage. No, you will not control what the press have to say, Rach… but maybe they’re not as offbase or as blood thirsty as you think.

Let’s start with Rachel’s weight. When your spine prominently shows through your back, it’s not a healthy look. When the press calls her ‘pin thin,’ Rach has a meltdown over it. Well, who really feels comfortable having their body discussed by the world? (Except Megan Fox, but let’s not go there).

Undeniably, Rachel is selling her own image, and the public sees this image and has an opinion. To change the storyline of the photos, you need to change the image. Gain a little muscle, and the story about you will change. Because honestly, the image of ‘pin thin and pissed off’ makes Rachel seem defiant to her public, possibly covering up something more sinister with displays of anger, and perhaps even in need of an intervention, with a cheeseburger and shake on hand.

And that’s not because we hate you, Rach! It’s because we love you, and we’re the American Public. We want happy endings and rainbows. And a healthy body.

Then there’s Rachel’s perception of the “Nicole Ritchie paparazzi feeding frenzy.” Truth is, the public knows the vague storyline that once Rachel and Nicole were friends, and then they weren’t. Reason why? Unknown. That’s a key element to keeping gossip alive and well.

So when the photogs see you two cozying up to each other, that’s a photo journalism opportunity… that’s a picture with a story! “Look everyone, they’re friends again, see?” And it’s a story the public is curious about, which makes it a very salable commodity. So of course the paps were excited. Their job is to find pictures that tell stories about people who the public wants to hear more about.

Changing gears, I had to laugh when they showed Rodger talking to their new online consultant… remember, dear readers, how Alissa said over the summer that obviously Rachel had recently hired someone to take on her blog and other online duties? Mmmm?

And while patting myself on the back, let’s not leave without discussing Natalia Vodianova in that silver Herve Leger dress. I gasped when I saw her in that dress, I really did.

And that’s why she makes the big bucks selling clothes, right kittens?

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