Minx nails

If you haven’t heard of these yet, let me be the first to tell you. Minx nails are a treatment consisting of a flexible polymer that when applied provide a chip-resistant, mirror-like manicured shine and when I first heard of this nail treatment (thanks to Vogue and Beyonce last year) I thought, “Mirrored nails, wicked!” And being a mommy with permanently chipped nails, I rushed to the website to order some.

 And I soon found out the product line was only available to those with beauty school licenses. And you can’t fudge the order form, they require your license number and your beauty school, just to register you so that you can place an order. Why? The website says it takes special training to apply Minx nails, but watch a few YouTube videos and you can see the “complicated” process of application involves holding the sticker sheet to a lamp to warm them up, and then peeling and applying them to the nail.

Hmph, I could so friggin’ do this, but….

 So, I checked to find where in my state of New Mexico I could get the nail treatment done instead. Maybe I would save and treat myself with one. The Minx manicure seems to run between $40-$60 in other areas, but since it’s a product touted for being so long lasting, it seems a worthwhile splurge.

If you can find somewhere that even provides the service. And in New Mexico, you can’t. Cue the pouting fit, before the scheming took over. Was it worth it?

I read other bloggers’ opinions and discovered Minx nails have a dark side, that being they often peel on folks after only a few days of wear. A few days??? What happened to this “lasts for weeks” reputation? Not according to users’ reports. Suddenly, my burning desire to wear shiny mirror nails was beginning to fade. Eventually I let the crushing realization that these Minx nails weren’t much more than overhyped nail stickers sink in and my dream for perfect mirrored nails that never chip faded away.

“All that glitters,” right girls?

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  1. More like Jinx nails?

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