Brad goes to the Oscars, RZP2

After a long day with Crankosaurus Rex, the teething & toddling scream-o-saur, there’s nothing like having some Rachel Zoe Project to end the day with.

 We start with Rachel getting her first look at the Armani Prive trains she requested for Anne Hathaway’s dress. I had this feeling train #2 would be the one she liked after last week’s “To Be Continued” cliff hanger ending, but it was my BFF Autumn who pegged that Anne Hathaway would end up walking the red carpet without it. (And that’s without looking it up, folks!) Beautiful creation, wasn’t it, with all the beading? Not my favorite clutch, but we do see Rachel having that one set aside for her to chose from in this episode. 

Liv Tyler’s cameo made me want to call my dentist about getting some more bleach for my teeth. Maybe I’ll just go to instead. I’ll let you know.

And the show ends with Brad getting choked up about going to be Anne’s dresser at the Oscars. How cute was that? Was Taylor seething with jealousy and spouting sour grapes from the couch? Mmmmm??

And btw… bonus gossip round for you, dear readers, did you catch that flame war between Bethenny Franckel and Rachel Zoe on Tuesday? As Andy Cohen tweeted, “Girls girls your BOTH PRETTY! Daddy loves you both very much!”

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