Red LED light anti-aging treatments

When I first heard of these red light gadgets, I admit I thought it was a gimmick. But, being curious (and obsessed with skin care), I investigated this new treatment to see if it was all hype.

How does exposing your skin to red light from LEDs (light emitting diodes) reduce wrinkles? NASA researched this therapy in hopes of finding a way for astronauts to heal more efficiently when in orbit. Lab studies revealed skin cells grew 150-200% faster when exposed to certain LED light wavelengths.

Red LED light, penetrating the skin at 660 nm (nanometers), increases circulation to the skin cells and stimulates collagen production, hence the skin plumps and wrinkles diminish. Blue LED light is used for destroying bacteria, and is being touted as a revolutionary new way to combat acne.

Really? Really really?

 I dipped a toe in the water and purchased a Pretika red LED light wand for at-home use this spring. Every day, religiously, I held the wand to my face, slowly covering the entire skin area in 1-2 minutes intervals. For two weeks, I saw no difference. But, I persevered. By three weeks I wondered if I was really seeing results, or if it was just wishful thinking.

After one month? I definitely saw the difference. Wrinkles around my eyes had retreated. Crepey skin diminished, becoming bouncy once more. I also used it on the back of one hand, but not the other. This gave me the most surprising results, as my hand seemed to go back in time, with veins that were less prominent.

 The down side was the half an hour it took to expose the entire face for each daily treatment. I’m waiting for birthday money, and I’m investing in a hands-free device that covers more skin (which should drastically reduce the “pain in the butt” factor of the wands).

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