OMG… really?

I can’t help but bring this one to the blog, it’s straight from’s blog today and it’s quite possibly the worst example of a purse I’ve ever seen. Seriously….


Do you think they were thinking about what they created, or did this just happen by some horrendous, Freudian accident?

…Can you imagine what it would have looked like if they had added fringe?

…What if they followed the trend for studs this fall? Maybe it would have looked like a purse with a pierced -ahem- girly part?

To quote the Zoe-inator, “I…, Die!”

Published in: on August 13, 2009 at 2:19 pm  Comments (6)  

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  1. Oh my! poor choice of design, no?

  2. Nice. Can’t believe that even made it off paper to actually be produced.

  3. If this is an indicator of the fall’s fashions, I think I’ll skip shopping and wait till spring.

  4. Seriously? Is this from the new Georgia O’Keefe line?

    • HAahhahaha!! And that’s why we love you, Hilari…….

  5. LOL oh my goodness… Terrible!

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