Dolce & Gabbana’s Tarot perfumes

Ahhh, two of my most beloved subjects… fashion and Tarot. As a professional Tarot reader, you know my ears perked up when I heard about this.

D&G perfumes

Last month, Dolce & Gabbana debuted their new fragrance line based on five cards from Tarot’s Major Arcana, with the idea “find the scent for your personality.” Here’s a quick look, some quotes from their interview with Elle, as well as some traditional Tarot imagery associated with the cards.

 Le Bateleur, or “The Magician.”

D&G stereotype: The Seducer

Smells like: Bergamot, pink pepper, and juniper berry, rooted by cardamom, birch leaf, wood and musk.

D&G says: Indicates someone with an open heart; an incurable romantic who is intensely desired by others.

Alissa says: A card of immense personal power, and many find power seductive. So I’ll agree with D&G here.

 L’Imperatrice, or “The Empress”

D&G stereotype: The Diva

Smells like: Rhubarb, red currant and kiwi, with a floral heart, deepened by sandalwood, grapefruit and musk.

D&G says: She’s a star, magnetic, energetic and charismatic — a real attention-grabber.

Alissa says: She represents the Universal Mother, and would probably smell like baby poop and spitup, but D&G took meanings associated with “The Star” Tarot card and made this one into what they thought  should be. Classic example of believing the Empress is an Emperor’s Wife. She’s not. She’s the Emperor’s Mother, and as such reigns with a different sort of control.

 L’Amoureux, or “The Lovers”

D&G stereotype: The Romantic

Smells like: cardamom and juniper berry, with a base of vetiver and white cedarwood

D&G says: A charmer, knows what she wants and how to get it, someone who is provocative, resourceful and passionate but also distinctly cool

Alissa says: How do you take the concept of “Choice” (traditionally this card showed a man with TWO women, and the angel watching above) and turn that into a smell?

 La Lune, or “The Moon”

D&G stereotype: The Dreamer

Smells like: Lily, tuberose, and rose, blended with musk, sandalwood and leather. Top notes of bergamot and apple.

D&G says: Someone in touch with her creative side, an alluring and ethereal free spirit; radiant, inspiring and mysterious.

Alissa says: Um… ok. Represents facing your shadow self, your worst fears you hide inside, the you that you wish you weren’t, as well as the literary concept of The Dark Night of the Soul. Another airy-fairy interpretation of the card, and not accurate.

La Roue de la Fortune, or “The Wheel of Fortune”

D&G stereotype: The Risk Taker

Smells like: Pineapple and green notes with tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine, and a base of patchouli, vanilla and orris

D&G says: Representative of luck and change, for “players” who enjoy surprises and rolling the dice of life.

Alissa says: Represents cycles of life, unexpected turns of fortune (for good or bad) as well as the notion of “All things in good time.”

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  1. THAT was interesting. Just from reading the descriptions, there is NOTHING about the scent components that is consistent with what I usually choose.

    Have you been to

    • I finally got to smell 2 — Empress and Moon — thanks to perfume sample pullouts in Elle mag. Surprisingly, I liked Empress, and from the descriptions I thought I’d like Moon. I’m curious about how the rest really smell….

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