PR stars riffing it

Ready for another time suckage? Click it… if you dare.

At least I’m giving you fair warning, which is more than fellow Bravo Whore kitchener gave me when she sprung this web find on us. (And get ready to rewatch the Springhill Suites commericial until you can recite it).

Christian Siriano starts us off, and how charming is he? He was made for TV, I swear. He even speaks in sound bites.

Then, it’s Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who sit down with Newsweek editors Ramin Setoodeh and Jessica Bennett for this mammoth interview.

I watched it all, but I’m that way. Nothing new or surprising — Nina loves her heels, Tim has no love interest in his life, Michael swears by aviator sunglasses, and Heidi dresses her children in Speedos when at the beach, just to give you a taste of it all.

Project Runway’s preggers challenge

A maternity challenge, I was actually psyched! And my excitement paled as I watched the designers tying fake bellies onto their dress forms, and withered into nothingness by the time they tied the bellies on the models.

Here’s the deal, (almost) none of those dresses would actually fit a real pregnant person because more than just your stomach expands. Hello? Your boobs (which some thought of), your arms (which no one thought of). As I was complaining about this fact to my husband, he added, “And your ass turns metamorphs into a zeppelin!”

Which made me laugh for about a minute straight before I recovered and beat him for this heartless (and firsthand) observation.

 Shirin deserved the win, because hers was actually quite nice. The detailed gathering over the tummy was just exquisite! The lining of the jacket was perfection. Loved the whole outfit, kudos girl. You’re becoming my favorite already.

Malvin, Malvin, Malvin… there is not one woman on the planet who thinks to herself, while hugely pregnant no less, “I feel like a mother hen. I think I’d like my legs to look like chicken legs!” Maybe, maybe you would have gotten by with knee-length harem pants, but even that wasn’t going to save the sling you designed for the top. Your saving grace would have been to make the sling a supportive element, since the belly bands they sell for pregnant woman to hold up their bellies are hugely successful.

But, here’s the big difference, the belly bands are worn under the clothing.  And did even ONE designer include something supportive like the belly band in their works? (And without hugeass, oversized shorts… I’m looking at you, Marshall). I gained 80 pounds with my second pregnancy, while on bedrest, and those shorts still wouldn’t have fit me… even on delivery day. Think about it.

So much potential… sighs.

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Siriano for Payless MIA now?

The drama never ends, did they run out of stock that quickly? Now, if you click the links given in our previous blogs, you get an error page regarding the inventory no longer being available.

And more PR has spun the mythic date of September 8th as the new target date for his line to launch online, and in stores.

Am I the only one going… huh?

Maybe they’ll put together more than the four measly, previous looks to try to get a proper launch going this time? More booties, please?

At this point, I’m just curious what will really come of it all. It’s gotta be good; Payless shucked out the advertising bucks for the full page in September’s Fall Fashion issue of Vogue. Which, by the way, says is available online and in stores right now.


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So much good fashion TV right now, it’s enough to inspire one to crawl into bed with the remote, a pint of Haagen Daaz, and wish you could disappear for a few days.

Rachel Zoe Project, Season Two. No, you can’t escape the hype. Yes, I really am going there (even though her show debuted a few days ago).  I love this show, and not only because I *DIE* while watching Rachel and her Birkins, or even some of Taylor’s handbag choices (last season she favored her Chanel Cerf tote most often, but this year she’s already established her black Balenciaga Day bag, with the giant silver hardware, as her go-to look).

Although I was *really* having a moment during Taylor’s scene when she’s wearing her Balenciaga with her buckles-and-black-leather bootie Louboutins. The rocker style she has got down in spades, and I can only seethe with envy. Such beautiful red soles, so pretty, so pretty….

And there’s Brad Goreski as well, who is cute as a button (I think). Bringin’ back the bow tie.

The tempest in a tea cup of changing the Chanel dress, and waiting for Karl Lagerfeld’s approval or disdain, is one drama I loved. I’m a Chanel freak, so just indulge me here. And while I agreed that the dress did look more appropriate for a red carpet without the cap sleeve, I think the cutout accent over the left breast lost some of it’s design impact once the counterbalancing cap sleeve was gone. Still!

My favorite celebrity look Rachel put together for the show was Eva Mendes’, with the white Dior dress and the *stunning* turquoise choker necklace. OMG… words fail me. The color against the white just popped and I loved it.

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Video a go go at

Are you ready for a time suckage? Seriously, go here with an hour of time to kill, or just bookmark it until such a moment arrives.

This is mind-candy addicting for me.

 I started with a video on make up tips to deal with under-eye circles (click the pics to watch).

 Then I was loving this one for mixing your own avocado hair mask. (How cute is she?)

 I love waves and found how to create “mermaid waves” with a flat iron (huh… maybe I should rethink my ban on hair styling implements that involve heat + crushing?)

 Leopard print nails? Maybe…. Maybe not.

 A whole series of makeup tips for chemo patients (what a most excellent idea!)

 Celeb-inspired looks (think Megan Fox videos by the half dozen, and then everybody else). I think this look actually channels Kim Kardashian’s signature style with the smoky lined eyes and nude gloss lip.

Makeup and hair styling videos until the cows come home. Enough to kill more than an hour browsing.

I found myself pleasantly surprised by the tips I already knew, as well as the ones I learned by watching.  Way too addicting unless you’ve got the time to kill though. Consider yourself warned.

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Project Runway’s Return

It’s back! After months of courtroom drama, the real drama is back on the catwalk and in the workroom, where it belongs.

The new season at Lifetime Network, not Bravo (in case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t know), looks spectacular. And is it just me, or does it seem every competition reality show starts the same — come and see your beautiful new apartment that costs a few dollars less than a Bentley, and everyone is full of smiles and encouragement when interacting with their fellow contestants in the workroom, like kids making nicey-nice on their first day of school. But in a few short weeks, this goodwill deteriorates into tears and frustration… I’m rubbing my hands in anticipation, can you tell?

 But seeing Tim Gunn makes my day. Watching Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum dishing from their directors’ chairs? A long-time-no-see TV moment, no doubt.

 Lindsay Lohan as the guest judge is a yawn in my book, but LLo (except for Mean Girls) doesn’t float my boat.

And a red carpet challenge to open the season with, how fun is THAT? I restrained myself from clapping with glee. The soccer ball halter deserved elimination, hideous. Hated it. And someone tell Ari that ripping off the Dune idea of a bodysuit that purifies water isn’t edgy, it’s actually kinda lame.

Not that the see-through nightie was much better, but I can’t count how many times I’ve seen big-time designers send sheer tops (with no brawr, right Jill Zarin?) down the runway in the past and thought, “Who exactly would throw on a pencil skirt and bring their bewbies out to lunch?”

Loved the winning dress, and with it being a mini-dress, you knew Heidi (aka Short, Shiny and Tiny) was gonna love it. A safe, but pretty, gown.

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Siriano for Payless, redux

Color me disappointed.

First, the buzz is the Christian Siriano shoewear line will hit Payless stores in August. At the beginning of the month, I visit one of the smaller stores in our town and ask about the Siriano line. The salesgirl shrugs, “Designers only get sent to the mall locations, or not at all. Try online.”

M’kay. Checking online every week  through August and still I find nothing until….

Eagerly, I click and what do I find to my dismay?

Four styles of shoes, four measly styles that are loosely based on the runway show shoes that Siriano debuted in February ’09. Very loosely, if you ask me.

 The Strut Pump, $34.99

The Sandstrap Peep Toe, $34.99

 Also available in shiny black, $34.99

 And the Slither Boot, $49.99.

Oh sure, more styles are supposed to be added but given this preview of what’s to come…? I’m just not feelin’ it.

What do you think?

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B&H Factory Outlet

Look, darlings… time is precious so let’s get straight to it.

B&H Factory Outlet. Click it, love it.

One of my all time favorite outlet stores on ebay.

I checked in today and found over 200 items of Women’s clothing, all under $5, all brand new with tags, and all closing in the next 8 hours alone. Here’s how helpful I am… I’ll link the search for you here, and you can just browse away.

You could shop this one outlet all day… I should know, I have. Discount given for multiple item shipping charges.

Just a few names from today’s closing auctions: Anne Klein, Alfani, Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, Karen by Karen Kane, Jones NY, Ralph Lauren, Charter Club, Studio M, London Times… seriously, people.

Why are you still reading this when you could be shopping already?

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DVF forever

Diane von Fürstenberg is something of an obsession for me, along with Coco Chanel. Strong women who live life by their own rules are perennially on-trend in my book.

 In 1969, after marrying Prince Egon of Fürstenberg, the elder son of a German prince, Diane Halfin earned her von Fürstenberg title. She attributes her entry into the fashion world in 1970 as a by-product of becoming a wife, and with a $30,000 investment, she began designing women’s clothes.

 Her most iconic contribution to the fashion world is her knitted jersey “wrap dress,” introduced in 1973. The popularity of this dress design cannot be underestimated, and due to its significant influence on women’s fashion, it was admitted to the collection at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Known for its flattering silhouette that works on a variety of women’s body types, as well as its ease of wear and care, the wrap dress remains as popular with today’s buyers as it was nearly 40 years ago when she launched the trend that would define her life’s work in fashion.

Diane took time away from the fashion world but in 1997, after more than a decade, she successfully relaunched her high-end clothing line. In 2005, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awarded her a lifetime achievement award, and in 2006 she was named CFDA president, a position she continues to hold today. Fashion reality show lovers may remember her from her guest judge appearance on Project Runway’s past seasons.

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Red LED light anti-aging treatments

When I first heard of these red light gadgets, I admit I thought it was a gimmick. But, being curious (and obsessed with skin care), I investigated this new treatment to see if it was all hype.

How does exposing your skin to red light from LEDs (light emitting diodes) reduce wrinkles? NASA researched this therapy in hopes of finding a way for astronauts to heal more efficiently when in orbit. Lab studies revealed skin cells grew 150-200% faster when exposed to certain LED light wavelengths.

Red LED light, penetrating the skin at 660 nm (nanometers), increases circulation to the skin cells and stimulates collagen production, hence the skin plumps and wrinkles diminish. Blue LED light is used for destroying bacteria, and is being touted as a revolutionary new way to combat acne.

Really? Really really?

 I dipped a toe in the water and purchased a Pretika red LED light wand for at-home use this spring. Every day, religiously, I held the wand to my face, slowly covering the entire skin area in 1-2 minutes intervals. For two weeks, I saw no difference. But, I persevered. By three weeks I wondered if I was really seeing results, or if it was just wishful thinking.

After one month? I definitely saw the difference. Wrinkles around my eyes had retreated. Crepey skin diminished, becoming bouncy once more. I also used it on the back of one hand, but not the other. This gave me the most surprising results, as my hand seemed to go back in time, with veins that were less prominent.

 The down side was the half an hour it took to expose the entire face for each daily treatment. I’m waiting for birthday money, and I’m investing in a hands-free device that covers more skin (which should drastically reduce the “pain in the butt” factor of the wands).

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