Launch My Line, Bravo tries again

So, the first season of the Fashion Show is over, and reviews are mixed.

 But Bravo anticipated this, they must have, because despite the September 16th start date, they’ve already started the PR machine for Launch My Line, their latest attempt to fill the gaping wound Project Runway left behind.

 The premise? Ten established fashion designers pair off with ten celebrities, er, “successful businesspeople,” yearning to express their love for fashion design by starting their own line.  The winning professional will have their clothing line launched and their expert designer, who helped them along way, will receive $50,000.

I’m seeing lots of cat fights to keep the producers happy. 
 Now let’s meet the hosts, twins Dean and Dan Caten, who are known for their clothing line, Dsquared2. The Canadians have been part of the fashion industry since the 80s, featuring men’s collections that combine their passion for fashion, as well as music and theater. In the past, the duo have popped up on America’s Next Top Model, so I guess their camera tests were good enough to land them as hosts. 

And now, the judges. Stefani Greenfield spent time with DKNY Jeans, as well as ESPRIT, before launching her own business, SCOOP, known for mixing high and low fashion. Lisa Kline is our other judge, she opened her own L.A. boutique in ’95 and is known for her celebrity following, as well as her stylist skills for the A-listers.

I hope it’s a good show; regardless, you know I’ll be dishing on it here.

And in the meantime, is it August 20th yet? I’m having serious PR withdrawals.

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Celebrity Birkin sightings, H-Alert!

  Cruising through’s site today, I saw this random celeb sighting of Rachel Zoe and her black Birkin, and thought to do a quick “Birkin” search to see which celebrities were sighted carrying their Hermes out and about this summer. (The Zoe photo is actually from their archives, hence the fur coat, but love the look!)

  The first entry for my search is a scorching number from July 27th on the blogger’s dislike of Denise Richards, and her questioning whether Hermes is doing the right thing by allowing just any celebrity to be “allowed” to carry this bag. After all, they have a brand reputation to protect. My jaw dropped while reading this blog, but the blogger admitted her views are a bit tainted against -ahem- husband stealers. Ouch….

 July 16th saw a Hilary Duff Birkin sighting, carrying a bag she’s been spotted in more than once. The black Birkin with gold hardware is a classic, after all.

But, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best recent Birkin sighting from their website goes to… Marc Jacobs, head designer at Louis Vuitton (natch).

 Is it the Birkin, or the skirt, that keeps drawing my eye the most?

He’s done this before, in black ….  

 And it wouldn’t be a day in Hermes land without mentioning Victoria Beckham, seen on May 29th carrying this one-of-a-kind 50 centimeter travel Kelly bag in white.

She kinda looks like she’s ready to tip over, but maybe it’s just the jealousy talking. Victoria Beckham and her 50 cm Kelly

 Do you think her elbow hurts? })

Baby bump as Fall fashion?

 Gisele Bundchen’s latest look is one which seems to be quite on-trend with models these days… she’s preggers! Sure, you can’t tell from this picture here, but she isn’t expecting to deliver until December or early January, so first trimester bumps are pretty easy to hide in an empire waisted sundress.

Perhaps the baby bump is the latest trend for models-off-duty. Check out these other stylin’ Mommies-to-be.

 Style icon Nicole Richie has made pregnancy look great for the past few years while carrying her firstborn, Harlow, as well as her current pregnancy — I’ve heard rumors of twins, but the world will know for sure sometimes soon, she’s due late summer/early fall.

 And then there’s Heidi Klum, who’s carrying her fourth child (a girl!) and due in October. Am I the only one who finds it amazing that she can still pull off  “short, shiny and tiny” as she enters her third trimester?

  One of the highest-paid models in the world, Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova’s sporting her very first baby bump, and it’s a boy.

 Adriana Lima, another one of the Victoria’s Secret models, will be waiting until December to greet her first child as well.

 Brit model Jourdan Dunn is the youngest on this list to confirm she’s also got a brand new baby bump to wear for Fall, a boy who is also due in December. At just 19 years old, I admire her willingness to make a modelling career for herself while juggling the demands of having a family.

Jay McCarroll and his sunglasses

 Season One Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll was known throughout the season for his flamboyant style which included his choice in eyewear, especially his sunglasses which have become a regular signature to his ever-evolving look.

If you haven’t popped by his website, the colony, you might wanna check out what the designer has been up to of late. Personally, I love his line of sunglasses he offers. Logo-less, brand-free, and every style is just $22. At that price, you can have as many styles as the designer himself!

 “Style 93” (shown here in green) remind me a lot of some of Balenciaga’s more recent sunglasses silhouettes, and are certainly a more friendly price tag. Also in White, Black and Burnt.

 “Big O” are really yummy and summery in white,  I think they’re so cute. Also available in Black.

 “Chromatic Moo” allows a bit of Jay’s humor to find expression here, but as an owner of pants made of cow-print jersey, I think the fashion joke is a fun one. Other colors include Heidi Gold (named for the show’s spokesmodel perhaps?), Chromatic Silver, and Chromatic Wild (think ‘leopard print’).

 “Style 52” looks really sharp in red, with the two toned look. This style in the color “Mix” looks like tortoise shell, and color “Transparent” resembles other designers’ frame color known as “Smoke.”

 “Style 74” rounds out the collection and reminds me of some of Dior’s recent looks. Besides Black, you can also land this one in Red, and White.

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Olsen twins receive CFDA recognition

 The 23-year-old twins-slash-moguls, are some of the newest members of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, along with 31 other New York-based designers, including Alexander Wang and Jason Wu.

“We are proud to welcome these 31 new members into the CFDA family and we are excited to add such a variety of creative talent to our ranks,” CFDA executive director Steven Kolb said in the Tuesday announcement.

 The twins were honored for their clothing lines, Elizabeth and James (named for the twins’ sister and brother), and The Row, a high-end fashion line inspired by London’s Savile Row. The nod is a sign of respect among the industry, which normally frowns upon celebrities making a second career as designers.

The ladies may have CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg to thank directly for the honor. Furstenberg dressed the attention-grabbing pair for The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala last year.

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Missoni on Monday

Love Missoni! Here are a few ebay deals (mostly M Missoni) I scoured to find for you, and all of these close today (some in just a few hours from now).

Every listing was under $100 at the time of this post with all the most current prices listed here.

Fall/Winter MISSONI Oriental Embroidery Floral Metallic Coat size 38 (Medium) — Buy It Now $79 + Free Shipping

Missoni of Italy wool floral vine print dress size 44 — $20.50

MISSONI ORANGE LABEL Pink Knit Cardigan Sweater 44 — $89, Size Large and GORGEOUS

M Missoni Zig Zag Striped Skirt Size 2  — 0 Bids, opens at $69, Buy It Now $79


M Missoni Skirt NWT Size 38/2 — $99 + Free Shipping

Women’s M MISSONI Top Sz 6 — $12.50

 M Missoni gorgeous strapless sweater dress Sz. 8 — $49.99

MISSONI~Iconic Knit Linen Blend Skirt~8-10~Neimans — $99


M Missoni Cotton Stripe V Neck L/Sleeve Shirt Top 42/6 — $49


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Christian Siriano’s working it

Who’s the fiercest of them all?

Christian Siriano is taking advantage of the momentum after his win as 2008 Season 4 Project Runway’s top designer, landing endorsements and signing joint ventures while his ticket is hot. You gotta give it up to PR’s Golden Child, he is working his fingers to the bone to remain in the public eye. I will say this… his product lines are meant for the average person’s income, a fact I greatly appreciate.

 First, there’s his makeup line, “Christian Siriano for Victoria’s Secret.” Yup, makeup. But makeup walks the runway, so high five on getting Heidi Klum to put in a good word. It’s all about who you know, right? Due out in August, the line will feature five shades of eye shadow ($14 each); three lip gloss shades ($14 each); black eyeliner ($12); a bronzer-highlighter trio ($24); a face brush ($32); and a ruffled cosmetics bag ($16).

  And then there’s that Tori Spelling thing… watchers of Tori & Dean’s reality TV show recently saw Tori and Christian gushing over their love for each other while working the red carpet. Christian said he wants to use Tori’s HSN jewelry for his runway show (or is it “shows,” as in plural?)  I say they’re made for each other, it takes a media hound to know a media hound. Grab that celebrity train! No official word yet on when these two might complete their fashion hookup.

 Siriano’s year began with a scrumptious deal with Payless Shoes, inked in December ’08 and hitting stores in August ’09. Siriano said his love of Egyptology inspired him while designing the line, which has a recession-friendly price point of $25-$45. As of today, there’s no match for “Siriano” on Payless’ website, but check back often. It can be hard to find designers’ lines at Payless’ retail locations, so online shopping may be the ticket (I know, you can’t try them on first… suck it up, darlings.)

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Chanel’s beginnings

Did you know Coco Chanel began her career as a milliner? C’est vrai, her first business venture which began at the now legendary 21 Rue Cambon location (just behind the Ritz) was to sell hats to the wealthy nobles and elite upper class. Her style became known after she began buying straw boater hats and decorating them in a simpler manner than current fashion dictated. Always the shrewd businesswoman, even from the beginning, she saw the opportunity to gain her highly desired financial independence by capitalizing on her millinery talents.

P4300392   Chanel in one of her boaters at the race track, 1910

What drove her to open this shop? She had to be highly motivated as she called in many favors from the men in her web of lovers to make it happen, borrowing money to lease the commercial space from her current beau, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel, as well as living in an abandoned apartment that belonged her previous protector, Etienne Balsan, who had kept Chanel as his mistress for over half a dozen years, before Boy Capel became the man Chanel would later call “the love of my life.” Her first move towards independance came when she took up her own residence at 31 Rue Cambon in an apartment she would keep for the rest of her life.

Whether her business acumen hinged on her desire to be self-sufficient, or her burgeoning love of fashion, she had found a niche in the market, and clientele responded eagerly to the young woman’s vision. A century ago, the on-trend fashion for hat wear amongst ladies were huge, overblown hats that appeared to have an entire bird atop the wearer’s head.

             edwardian hats            1901hats

Chanel’s hats scaled back in the use of feathers, but kept them in her designs in smaller number… sometimes just a few and sometimes just one lone plume, as the hat’s primary adornment. Pictured below left, this hat is thought to be one of the earliest Chanel hats on record, pictured in Les Modes in 1912. To the right is actress Gabrielle Dorziat in a Chanel hat of the same period.

chanel hat 1912  P4290380

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Handbags on sale today

Here are a few items to tempt you, they all went on sale just today (looks like Zappos is moving some inventory out). Are you tempted? If you nab one, be sure to comment so we can share in your victory!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Astor Small Chain Shoulder 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Astor Small Chain Shoulder
Store: Zappos
Price: $161.60 (was $202.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jamesport Large Zip Top Satchel 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jamesport Large Zip Top Satchel
Store: Zappos
Price: $321.60 (was $402.00)

Anne Klein New York Greenwich Satchel Frame 46% off

Anne Klein New York Greenwich Satchel Frame
Store: Zappos
Price: $159.00 (was $299.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Shoulder Tote
Store: Zappos
Price: $321.60 (was $402.00)

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Satchel 20% off

MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Chain Satchel
Store: Zappos
Price: $305.60 (was $382.00)

UBER DEAL ALERT~! $1000 off

Costume National 22ZB618 07522 67% off

Costume National 22ZB618 07522
Store: Zappos
Price: $483.14 (was $1,482.00)

UBER DEAL #2… LOVE this color blue, great for fall!

Costume National 21ZB624-07445 53% off

Costume National 21ZB624-07445
Store: Zappos
Price: $678.09 (was $1,467.00)

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Adidas versus Puma, a shoemakers’ family feud

In 1920, Adolph (Adi) Dassler began a footwear business in Germany which specialized in manufacturing slippers. His brother, Rudolph, joined the company in 1924 when it was known as Gebruder Dassler Schufrabrik. After expanding their line to include football boots and track shoes, the brothers received international recognition during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, when Jesse Owens won four gold medals while wearing their shoes.

Their relationship fundamentally changed over a serious argument sometime in 1948. They split the company up and went on to form their own shoewear companies independently – Rudolph founded Puma, and Adolph formed Adidas, derived from his nickname and surname.

  Adidas shoes dominated the sports shoe industry until Nike surpassed its sales records in the late 1970s. After Adolph’s death in 1978, his son Horst took over the business until his own untimely demise in 1987. His sisters sold the company and it foundered until 1992 when Robert Louis-Dreyfus took over. Since then, Adidas transformed in the 90’s from utilitarian sports gear into fashion statements.

Their fashion presence grew so strong that English fashion designer Stella McCartney launched a joint-venture line with Adidas in 2004, a sports performance collection for women called “Adidas by Stella McCartney.” Adidas eliminated more of their competition in 2006 when a bid to buy out British rival Reebok for $3.8 billion ended in a partnership deal instead. The company’s revenue for 2008 was listed as $15.6 billion.

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